Copper Motor Vacuum Cleaner

Copper motor vacuum cleaner I, Product Description & Features: Rapidly clear dust, debris and large spillages with the Clean Tech 30L Wet & Dry Vacuum. Choose from three operational functions – dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming or blowing. The vacuum makes light work of clearing dust, dirt,...

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Copper motor vacuum cleaner

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The CT-503-35L wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool which is ideal for cleaning jobs in the home, workshop and garage.

Its stainless steel tank has a capacity of 30/35 L for devouring both dirt and liquids, with a drain screw provided for the user-friendly and clean disposal of the vacuumed liquid. A practical blow connector is also provided.

The CT-503-35L comes with a 1.5 m suction hose, a three-piece plastic suction tube, a large suction nozzle with a combination insert for the wet and dry vacuuming of floors and a crevice nozzle.

A pleated filter does good work during the vacuuming of fine dust, while a foam filter protects the motor against soiling during wet vacuuming.

Holders for the cable and accessories enable all parts to be stored away quickly and neatly directly on the cleaner itself. For user- friendly handling and mobility there is a carry-handle and four castors.

I,  Features:

  • Wet-dry vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt on large surfaces or in the home improvement sector | Durable 35-litre stainless steel tank for long work without emptying 1600 watts maximum power consumption: 1600W suction power + with 2200W durable socket

  • Noise level: Outside diameter suction pipe & hose: 32 mm | Built-in socket for connecting drills, circular saws, etc. for the direct suction of drilling dust, shavings or sawdust

  • On / off switch on the device top | Two positions: position 1 = normal operation; position 2 = time-delayed switching on / off of the suction during operation of an external source via the built-in power socket | Protection of socket: IP44 (protection against foreign bodies> 1 mm and against splash water)

  • The Clean Room Prima wet-dry vacuum cleaner from CLEANTECH makes cleaning large floor surfaces a piece of cake, whether they are wet or dry. Especially practical as a workshop vacuum cleaner, it is also ideal for all DIY enthusiasts: via its built-in 2200W power outlet with IP44 protection, you can connect drills, circular saws or sanders so that dust, wood chips and sawdust can be directly vacuumed without building up a lot of dirt.

  • With 1600 watts of power, the Clean Room Prima industrial vacuum cleaner faithfully sucks dust, dirt or dirty water into its 35-litre stainless steel tank. Wet cleaning is particularly facilitated by the brush tool, with a brush to loosen dirt and a rubber lip for cleaning heavily soiled floors. The durable tank ensures that even large areas can be cleaned without having to interrupt your work to empty the container.


II, Accessories:

1 X Metal extension tubes; 1 X HEPA filter; 1 X sponge filter; 1 X crevice nozzle; 1 X floor brush;  1 X 1.5M hose;

III, More Versions


IV, Specification:


Model No.



Stainless Steel + PP


220V ~ 240V - 120V


1400W / 12A









Outer Packing Size


Loading Qtys

20GP/40GP.40HQ : -270pcs / 465pcs / 651pcs


10.3KGS / 11KGS

V Certificate:



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