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Wireless ( Cordless) Strategy To Lead The Consumption Upgrade
- Jun 18, 2018 -

ZHEJIANG CLEAN TECHNOLOGY wireless ( cordless) strategy to lead the consumption upgrade

Today, everyday life is inseparable from vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners have become a must for home products. The vacuum cleaners of different brands have different performance. At this time, each brand needs to optimize its own products. And behind every clean tool revolution, there is a profound epoch-making background, such as the wireless ( cordless) vacuum cleaner of ZHEJIANG CLEAN TECHNOLOGY, which solves the tedious pain of wire winding. The emergence of brand surface cleaning machine, represented by Ke Lin technology, has satisfied the requirements of suction and towing as well as people's need for surface health.

Ke Lin technology has not been a follower of China's Vacuum Cleaner market, but is working hard as a leader. This kind of bottom gas comes from the research and development forces that accumulate well, and better understand the health needs of Chinese families.

Taking the latest CT-CV04 wireless ( cordless) vacuum cleaner as an example, the 250W's DC brushless motor is carried on, and strong power performance can easily face all kinds of debris, dust, residue and hair and other dirty things in life. In order to make the output of the power more smooth and efficient, ZHEJIANG CLEAN TECHNOLOGY CT-CV04 adopted the innovative design of the wind tunnel, the air duct to carry out a new design, so that the power of the motor can be directly transferred to the suction, without the slightest loss.


The strong power of CT-CV04, of course, is more durable and the cleaning efficiency will be higher. Therefore, ZHEJIANG CLEAN TECHNOLOGY CT-CV04 use VAN pure import core, 7 section 2500mAh large capacity battery group, which also ensures that the surging power of ZHEJIANG CLEAN TECHNOLOGY CT-CV04 can continue to output continuously.

Under the strong mode, Ke Lin technology CT-CV04 has a long endurance performance of 15 minutes. Moreover, the durable endurance ability also allows users to have more choices in cleaning, and can rest at the edge of the clean side and make home cleaning a way of leisure.


It appears that the advent of Ke Lin technology CT-CV04 is bound to make the 2018 wireless ( cordless) Cleaner market more lively. With the good performance of 2017, the wireless ( cordless) vacuum cleaner will usher in a fast growing market in 2018.

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