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Why Use A Dry Cleaner
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Why do you need a dry and wet vacuum cleaner? Comprehensive contrast dry vacuum cleaner, and the characteristics of the dry wet amphibious cleaner, can realize the function of dry wet amphibious dry cleaner cleaner also can achieve, but have a liquid to clean dry wet amphibious must be used when a vacuum cleaner. For the family application, daily kitchen, toilet will have water to need to clean; Living room, bedroom may have water cup or beverage to knock over the situation need to clean, cooperate water brush clean glass and so on. Special such as washing machine drain plug can be used, water pipe, toilet jam can also use dry and wet vacuum cleaner dredge pipe. 

For business users, because the daily cleaning of relative family more heavy workload, so I need the large capacity vacuum cleaners, at the same time business place because the cleared more complex, so more suitable for dry wet amphibious vacuum cleaner. For example, the floor cleaning of commercial premises and corridors, the cleaning of residual garbage in the catering industry, the comprehensive application of the car wash shop, etc., are more suitable for the use of a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. The Vacmaster vacuum cleaner is completely clean, and it can deal with all kinds of situations and solve the garbage perfectly.

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