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Why To Design A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Why to design a handheld vacuum cleaner?


Handheld vacuum cleaner is one kind of household vacuum cleaner.

Handheld vacuum cleaner is the product of technology and life development in recent years. Because of the exquisite requirement of living space, every space has become a topic of concern. Small spaces in living rooms, wardrobes, cars, even clothes pockets and shoes. The health standards are increasingly demanding today. Dust removal has also become a key word. The sanitary requirements of living environment and space have pushed the handheld vacuum cleaner into a new process.

The development of the vacuum cleaner is mainly in the living room, the workplace and the cleaning work of some large space. The main products are bucket type and horizontal vacuum cleaner. For small space sanitation dedusting started late and did not change much like the development of early vacuum cleaners. Therefore, opening up this market has become a hot topic in today's vacuum cleaner industry, and its development is also in line with the times. For the market, it also belongs to a low input and high profit product industry. On the market positioning, on the one hand, the handheld vacuum cleaner is aimed at the young and middle-aged people in the market. They need to be undead on the things around them, like many patterns and high tech products. Everyone hopes that modern advanced technology can bring them a fast and comfortable life. On the other hand, it also corresponds to specific consumer groups in the market, such as car owners. The market determined by the function of the handheld vacuum cleaner is mainly used for small space dedusting, such as cars, wardrobe, sofa and so on. It is good for carrying and convenient for storage. The development and design of this product has a lot of design points worth diverging, such as integrating some of the other features of today's products to the same product, so that users can more easily experience the progress of technology and the convenience that the products bring to them. The market also has a great demand for it. This further brings business opportunities to its emergence and development. Here is a practical example to illustrate.

For example, the potential of the car vacuum cleaner is extremely remarkable. It has been shown that up to 95% of the domestic users have the intention to purchase the vehicle vacuum cleaner, but up to now, the purchase rate of the domestic vehicle vacuum cleaner is less than 3% due to the technical and design problems of the traditional vehicle vacuum cleaner.

From the above market structure, the development trend of handheld vacuum cleaners is strong. If we grasp the trend of the market, we can design the product purposefully and purposefully so that we can better penetrate the market. At the same time, the design is particularly important. A good product design is also an important guarantee for future products to enter the world to "exert their strength".

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