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What Vacuum Cleaner Is Best To Use? Four Factors To Teach You How To Choose Vacuum Cleaner.
- Jun 18, 2018 -

What vacuum cleaner is best to use? Four factors to teach you how to choose vacuum cleaner.

In the new era, household cleaning tools are essential for vacuum cleaners. So many brands of vacuum cleaners, the most troubling question is what vacuum cleaner is best used. What factors can help you to select it? In the face of a wide range of brands and functions, how can consumers distinguish the performance and function of vacuum cleaners? Today, the main points of choosing vacuum cleaner are analyzed.

Whether or not it is wired

The traditional wired vacuum cleaner is usually with a garbage storage, relatively cumbersome, and is used for plug - in. It needs to change the plug and drag the floor when changing the room. In addition, such as ceiling, chandeliers and other high can not touch the sweep.

The dust collector and the motor are integrated into one. It is generally used for many charging purposes. It is light and convenient, and is easy to be too high. The sweeping scene is extensive.


The main function of vacuum cleaner is vacuuming, so the ability to vacuum is the first condition to choose vacuum cleaner. Many businesses are able to prove that the suction of their own vacuum cleaner is a gimmick that can suck up bowling balls or even refrigerators. In fact, the ability to absorb dust is actually general. Therefore, a good vacuum cleaner must see its actual ability to absorb dust.

Persistent force

Many vacuum cleaners have good dust absorption capacity in many times, but due to inadequate technology, when the work exceeds a certain time, the suction decreases to a straight line. The main reason is that too much dust leads to blockage of filter screen and can not work normally.

Whether there is two pollution

Did you find many dust on the floor after many words were cleaned? This is actually due to the "tail gas" of the vacuum cleaner. Many people may be surprised that there is still exhaust in the vacuum cleaner. Many vacuum cleaners are poorly sealed, and the filtration system is inefficient. It often causes a clean layer of dust to sweep the floor, resulting in two pollution. Therefore, the dust lock ability of vacuum cleaner is also the focus of choosing vacuum cleaner. The whole filter system of CLEANTECH vacuum cleaner can effectively absorb the dust and allergens of 99.97% to 0.3 microns, and the good airtight system of the fuselage is designed to prevent dust leakage. No two pollution, clean air.

These are the points to note when choosing vacuum cleaner, for reference only.


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