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What Kinds Of Problems Can Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Solve
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Vacuum performance: the industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of form a complete set or is commonly used in industrial cleaning equipment, can be used in industrial production process of waste collection, air filtration and purification and environment cleaning. At the same time, it can be used with industrial production equipment to absorb dust and debris produced in production to ensure the cleanliness of working environment and the health of employees. Industrial vacuum cleaners, for example, are heavily used in the textile and chemical industries, reducing the risk of some occupational diseases. It can absorb the metal scrap produced by mechanical processing and prevent damage to machine equipment.

Industrial vacuum cleaner (industrial vacuum cleaner) is used for collecting waste, filtering and purifying the air and cleaning the environment during industrial production. Industrial vacuum cleaner to absorb all kinds of metal, nonmetal, such as oil, water and liquid particles, can absorb and purify poisonous and harmful gas, can improve the quality of the products in the textile industry, in the chemical industry can recycle some expensive catalytic material, etc., and as a kind of environmental protection equipment, industrial vacuum cleaner can effectively prevent some of the harm of occupational diseases, such as electric welder pneumoconiosis, shoe factory leukemia, etc.

Compared with other vacuum cleaners, kindway industrial vacuum cleaner can be used 24 hours continuously, strong suction, ChuChen volume big, long service life, can the advantages of high temperature resistant, chassis shell and trash can adopt standard thickness of stainless steel, can effectively protect the motor parts are not damaged. In particular, industrial vacuum cleaners have little requirement for absorbing materials. All kinds of materials and various forms of waste media can be absorbed. It can absorb the solid particles with a precision of 99%, and can be used in fine chemical industry, precision machinery and other industries.

Filter material; Industrial vacuum cleaners is mainly through the filter of separating solid and liquid and air, air filter designed primarily for pharmaceutical factory facilities common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally has a heavy filter or multiple, usually, industrial vacuum cleaners using cyclone separator as the first layer filter, filtering through the filter precision. The filtering precision of ordinary filter core is usually over 1 micron, but the filtration accuracy can be less than 0.3 micron by using the membrane coated or the filter element treated with special material.

To adopt different base material made of filter filter scheme is different also, generally with glass fiber, chemical fiber, polyester, stainless steel filter such as base material, general industrial filter will have a variety of composite material consisting of use in order to achieve environmental requirements. Filter solids are generally used as the base material, and then surface PTFE coating is applied to improve the filtration accuracy. Kaidewey innovates to adopt multi-fold filter (high efficiency filter), which breaks the problem of traditional vacuum cleaner in operation, and increases the depth of the filter to increase the filtering area.

Characteristic; Industrial vacuum cleaner common type: round bucket type, trolley type, square type, simple bracket type. Industrial vacuum cleaners are commonly used for two phase 220 v / 220 v three-phase 380 v industrial vacuum cleaner according to need, general equipped with universal casters and directional casters, can easily move, can lengthen vacuum tube, such as the power cord for expanding the scope of the use, diminish the extension will make the suction hose is relatively obvious. Advantages: simple structure, flexible, strong suction, large volume, safe and reliable, high purification efficiency, kindway industrial vacuum cleaners adopt mobile car, swing arm soot cleaning device, and USES such as cyclone device research, is gradually improving and deficiencies, improve its role as an environmental protection product.

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