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What Is The Best Canister Vacuum? Canister Vacuum For Hardwood Floors
- Jul 11, 2018 -

what is the best canister vacuum? canister vacuum for hardwood floors


The basic structure of vacuum cleaner is divided into five parts according to its functions.

1, the power part: the vacuum cleaner motor and the governor. Governor breakup control, machine control.

2. Filtration system: dust bag, front filter and rear filter. According to the filter material, it is divided into paper, cloth, SMS, Hypa.

3. Functional parts: retractable line mechanism, dust indicator, button or slide switch.

4, protection measures: dust bag protection, high vacuum degree protection, anti-interference protection (soft start), overheating protection, anti static protection.

5, accessories: handle and hose, takeover, floor brush, flat suction, round brush, sofa suction, hook and strap.

Two. The principle of work

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is the high speed rotation of the motor of the vacuum cleaner, inhaling the air from the suction port to make the dust box produce a certain vacuum. The dust is entered into the dust bag through the ground brush, the nozzle, the handle, the hose, the main pipe and the main suction pipe. The dust is left in the filter bag, and the filtered air passes through a layer of filter into the motor, this layer is entered into the motor. The filter is a protective barrier to prevent dust suction motor from the dust bag. The air entering the motor is outflow through the motor. As the carbon brush is constantly worn out during the motor operation, a filter is added before the vacuum cleaner is outflowed.

The finer the filter material, the cleaner the air will be, but the worse the air permeability will be. This will affect the air volume of the motor and reduce the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. But for users, comfort and cleanliness are the main ones, so in recent years, filters are popular.

HEPA is an exotic name. It is an efficient filter that can block tiny dust and can reach 99.97% efficiency. Its air permeability is low, so it is all waved to increase the air permeability area. Some of this kind of filter material can be repeatedly cleaned. Any filter material has "life span", that is, after long-term use, the pores of filter material have been blocked by small particles of dust. Therefore, paper dust bags are ideal, disposable, hygienic and convenient. After filtering, the fibers will harden, which will affect the filtering effect and breathability. SMS three layer composite filter material is washable, but the air permeability is slightly lower. At present, there are two new filtration materials, Goteborg and ultrafiltration. These two kinds of filtration are better, but the cost is higher.

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