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What About Smart Home Helpers? – CLEANTECH Robot Vacuum Cleaner CT-R850
- Jun 20, 2018 -

What about smart home helpers? – CLEANTECH Robot Vacuum Cleaner CT-R850


After a busy day's work, I went home to lie on the sofa, take a cat, order a takeaway, wait for the arrival of delicious food, and enjoy the good night time. But now, because of their own too keen eyes, saw on the ground, the hair on the table on the carpet dust, cat hair, could not help clean up a. At last, all the scenes in the line of sight were clean, and the takeaway came, but my appetite was lost. How wonderful it is to have such an artifact and help yourself to clean up easily. So what about CLEANTECH sweeping robots? Can the CLEANTECH vacuum cleaner sweep the dust and restore the refreshing ground?


As the thief love clean small, see home everywhere, dust can not help but get in by every opening, to sing a song "this city is so empty, so much the dust, the streets of heavy traffic, I hold the dust, haze is so heavy, the hair flying everywhere. At this time, Xiao Bian has been in a trance. He just wants to go into the dust-free laboratory and make a cute white mouse.

Back to reality, continue to clean up all the time, broom, mop, rag all drill up Hey! The traditional cleaning, time consuming, want as soon as possible free from such a life, you have to hurry to buy a mobile phone brush, vacuum cleaner, or really want to become a woman.

Suddenly remembered a friend once told me of a CLEANTECH sweeping robot, has a star product intelligent sweeping robot CT-R850, he said this sweeping robot can automatically regularly clean the floor will not impact the furniture and pet. So small I hurried back to buy a try, indeed as expected the girl to buy things, can not help thinking, so awesome products, I'd like to see it exactly is where sacred.



The courier returned home, opened the second speed, R850 sweeping robot lovely shape, 360 degree scan Home Furnishing environment, orderly and clean, can automatically return to the charging, continuous cleaning without repeated cleaning, it changed my perception of sweeping robot. Ever since I had it, I could lay on the sofa every day, playing with my cell phone and cat, and all kinds of Ge You lying down. It also became my little cat toy cat with sweeping robot play every day awfully, I doubt I have two pets, one day give me a garbage every day to help me clean up the garbage.

If the face of stubborn dirt and stains in the corners of the house, there are people in the confused CLEANTECH sweeping robot how problems, so long as to see its multi-function cleaning system can understand. Therefore, do you, who are lazy cancer, can do housework easily and happily?

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