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Vacuum Cleaner Test Vacuum Cleaner Qualification
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Vacuum cleaner test, vacuum cleaner qualification

Our vacuum cleaner include but not limited wet and dry vacuum cleaner, ash cleaner, pond cleaner, carpet vacuum cleaner, ect.

The strict quality control process ensures the feasibility of development and design in the vacuum cleaner market. To the greatest extent, ensure the interests of consumers. Take some steps in the quality control process of a model product as an example:

Motor heating test: at least 490 hours of continuous operation test.

Intermittent vacuum test: simulate the maximum vacuum state for 1.5 seconds and 350000 times.

• wire rewinding test: pull out the wires for 10500 times.

Climb test: pull the vacuum cleaner over the threshold of 25mm 14700 times.

Machine drop test: vacuum cleaner falls from 82cm height to iron plate ground test five times.

• drop test with package: higher than the international standard 20% height, the vacuum cleaner with the package will drop four times at different angles.

Suction nozzle test: towing 350km test on hard floor, carpet and wooden floor respectively.

Suction nozzle and attachment drop test: fall from 1.2m to iron floor 600 times.

Hose test: 5kg is subjected to weight test, turn left to right, rotate 45 degrees, test 25000 times.

Hose connection test: hose connection rotate 720 degrees 49000 times.

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