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Vacuum Cleaner Common Fault Removal And Solution
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Now cleaner general walked into our life, whether it's family or factory, about a vacuum cleaner with luck we have been familiar, so in the process of vacuum cleaner to use, more or less if you run into some simple but difficult to solve the problem? In the hot summer, because of the weather, the vacuum cleaner will inevitably be hot, to pay reasonable attention to the maintenance, today we say that the vacuum cleaner is used in the process of common problems.

The machine has no suction during the operation.

Elimination method

Determine the state of vacuum cleaner in electromechanical separation.

Check whether the dustbin is filled with garbage or hair.

If there is a dust bucket full of phenomena need to clean the dust collection room.

Check whether the filter screen is blocked.

Maintenance steps

Clean the screen thoroughly and ensure the filter net is smooth.

Remove the vacuum cleaner hose and check the patency of the hose.

If there is a blockage in the hose, the hose should be cleaned immediately.

Place the vacuum cleaner in a cool, ventilated environment to cool it naturally.

After a period of time, the vacuum cleaner is recommended to stop for a while, and it is normal for high speed motor to overheat after a long period of use.

After cleaning up the household garbage with a vacuum cleaner, you are advised to "clean up" the vacuum cleaner to avoid clogging the machine.

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