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Vacuum Cleaner, Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner
- May 31, 2018 -

Application Specification for vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, best canister vacuum cleaner

Method of use of dust removal

Figure 1 complete machine diagram

Before Step 1: is energized, ensure that the components are fully connected (as shown in Figure 1), without loosening.

The phenomenon of movement and shedding.

Step 2: slightly pulls out the power cord behind the machine. Pay attention to the machine itself.

The length is about 1.5 meters. Avoid overdrawing and damage the machine. Plug in the plug

220V electric wiring board. (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 Figure 3

Step 3: press the button on the left and the machine will work immediately.

This knob adjusts the size of the wind, so that dust removal can be carried out. (as a whole, as in Figure 3


Step 4: after use, press the button first to stop the machine and press again.

Push the button and bring the power line into the machine

(the whole as shown in Figure 3).

Two. Cleaning up the garbage method

After the vacuum cleaner is used, we must regularly remove the garbage from machine class to ensure the machine can be long-term.

Work normally.

Figure 4 complete machine diagram

Step 1: dismantling the suction tube (as shown in Figure 5), pressing the button, can pull out.


Figure 5

Step 2: set up the machine, (as shown in Figure 6) press the palm on the pipette joint.

Press the lid of the garbage container automatically.

Figure 6

After opening the Step 3: container cover (as shown in Figure 7), you will see a switch logo, which is based on

Indicating the direction and toggle switch, the garbage container can be removed.

Figure 7

Step 4: opens the bottom plastic pouch of the garbage bag (as shown in Figure 8), pouring the garbage into it.

The trash can is washed and dried.

Figure 8

After drying the Step 5:, repeat the steps of Step 4 to Step 1 to recover the machine.

As a whole, the next dedusting operation can be carried out

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