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Upholstery Wet Vacuum Cleaner
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Upholstery wet vacuum cleaner

CLEANTETECH Upholstery wet vacuum cleaner CT/JN508 is suit for upholstery area.


I, Features:

·        Innovative water filtration system. Does not only absorb dust and dirt but also pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and mites that are than effectively retained in the water

·        multi-stage filter system: cyclone technology, double water filtration, and textile emission filter

·        high flexibility and great radius of movement thanks to an extra long cable and the metal telescopic tube

·        blow-out function - for removing dust, leaves, dirt

·        maximum water capacity: 30 litres

·        strong vacuum power but less noise (< 76 dB)


II, Applications:

The CLEANTECH 508 water vacuum cleaner cleans with the natural power of water and leaves no chance for dirt. Persistently and efficiently, it removes even microscopic particles from the air via a multi-stage filter system and immediately binds them to the water. Airborne dust particles, dirt, allergens, chemicals residue and other pollutants are bound securely in the water. The result: pure exhaust air and less dust emission – perfect for allergy sufferers as pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and mite residues are effectively filtered out of the air. The telescopic suction tube ensures optimum support and adapts to the height of the user to prevent back strain while the extra long power cable ensures uncomplicated movement. Another features that makes cleaning with this Walter filter cleaner a piece of cake is the see-through water tank with a maximum water capacity of 4.5 litres. You can easily keep an eye on the level of dust that’s already been assembled in the water and change it any time you want. With the four wheels beneath the water tank manoeuvring through the house has never been easier. A special feature is the blow-out function which allows you to remove dust, leaves, dirt and many more.


III, Accessories:

1 X Metal extension tubes; 1 X sponge filter; 1 X crevice nozzle; 1 X floor brush; 1 X 1.5M hose;



IV, Specification:


Model No.



Stainless Steel + PP


220V ~ 240V - 120V


1400W / 12A






30L / 7.9 Gallen



Outer Packing Size


Loading Qtys

20GP/40GP.40HQ : -252pcs / 504pcs / 504pcs


9KGS / 10.5KGS


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