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Type Of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner, Car Vacuum Cleaner
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Type of vehicle vacuum cleaner / car vacuum cleaner


At present, for many car owners, the dust in the car is a headache, especially in summer, frequently switching the door will cause the dust intrusion to cause the opportunity, the poor sealing performance will also cause the accumulation of dust in the car. Dust adheres on the dashboard will affect the driver's reading parameters, attached to the windshield will also affect the driver's line of sight, and dust is the source of the disease, the long accumulation of dust in the car will increase the probability of various diseases such as respiratory tract.


To deal with stubborn dust attached to the roof and trunk, users can use the suction head with short hair brush to brush and suck, and the effect is good. But for car seats, meters and air conditioning cleaners, a car cleaner is needed.


Today, there are many brands of vacuum cleaners in the automotive supplies market. How can we choose them? According to the power of vehicle vacuum cleaner, it can be divided into three grades, 300 watts, 100-300 watts and 100 watts.


More than 300 watts of high demand for inverter power

Two, 100 watts -300 tile has high suction and relatively expensive price.

Three, 100 watts more brands, cheap and affordable


The power of the vacuum cleaner is mostly kept between 50-80 watts.


Though the power is usually good, it is the same for all electrical appliances. For most of the friends, the vacuum cleaner is not as big as the power. The key is to fit in with your car. If you only drive in the city, the road condition is good and the dust is not much. Of course, the general small power vacuum cleaner can. But if you drive a lot, you'd better have a bigger power duer. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the inverter power equipped with power matching, so as to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the owner, and at the same time, reduce the consumption of energy.

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