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There Are Several Points To Pay Attention To When Buying A Washing Machine
- Apr 17, 2018 -

In the spring of 2018, the market for washing machine is more robust than that of the previous year, and the national environmental protection process is gradually required, and the enterprises attach great importance to the enterprise environment. The washing machine has been pursued by more enterprises. So, when choosing a brand washing machine, what time should we pay attention to?

First, clear the core, innovation leads. Sales of the washing machine, in fact, sales is the product advantage, and this advantage requires innovative technology to provide, this is the core competitiveness. RongEn established enough professional r&d team, with more than 10 national patents, washing machine design, appearance always is in the process of continuous optimization, the past five years, has formed the unique style of products, use effect by the countless inspection and acceptance of users. The technical advantage is the brand buy, word of mouth is the best way to sell.

The second is to see the situation and get ready. Domestic cleaning industry is still in development, seize the by some foreign brands, and they have congenital deficiency in domestic, the local agent does not have enough production and sales strength, technology and services are too dependent on foreign countries. At this time, the local brands as long as it can in the vast Chinese market share, "native", if you have enough scale production factory, has more competitive, more can satisfy the demand of large quantities of quantities. Yiqi cleaning and focusing on the construction of large-scale production base, its partners are seeing and cooperating with each other, so they have established dozens of authorized service centers around the country.

Third, regional operation and improvement of services. Washing machine industry volume is not large, spread out across the country who also have no strength and longitudinal excavation of the market, so RON adopts the pattern of regional exclusive, one is collected social resources, mix, according to local characteristics make to cater to the sales strategy; Second, regular training form, training the national technical service team, guaranteed after-sales timeliness. From product display, supply, maintenance, after-sales guarantee can be related to each consumer.

At present, yichi is clean in the central part of wuxi, radiating sunan area as the main body, striving to solve all customer problems within 24 hours. Next, yichi will be successively in nanjing, the northern jiangsu regions open branches, for more and more customers to serve the door. The Italian always believe that the purchase of the washing machine is only the beginning of cooperation!

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