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The Main Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Introduction: Vacuum Brush, Vacuum Sofa Brush And Vacuum Crevice Tool
- Jul 01, 2018 -

The main vacuum cleaner accessory introduction: vacuum brush, vacuum sofa brush and vacuum crevice tool


1, Crevice tool


It can be used to clean narrow corners and hard to reach places, such as sofa crevice, furniture gap between walls.


2, Sofa brush


It can be used for vacuum cleaning in small areas, such as sofa, curtain, etc.


3, wet and dry brush


It is suitable for floors and carpets. When the hard floor is cleaned, only the upper part of the dual-use suction nozzle is switched on with the foot, and the brush will be extended in the shampoo. When the carpet is cleaned, the switch is closed with the foot and the scraping is retracted so as to facilitate the promotion.

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