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The Good Vacuums Partner Of Drywall Sander
- May 16, 2018 -

The good vacuums partner of drywall sander


As the socio-economic development, the urbanization rate further accelerated, at the same time, the rapid development of urbanization had also caused a series of environmental problems and the human survival environment faced serious challenges. Every day, there are numerous building erected and has numerous houses are renovated and decorated, the dust generated serious threat, the experts of indoor environmental monitoring point out that the hazard of home decoration dust is not less than formaldehyde. Known as the “invisible killer”.

Traditional cleaning way will have dust residues Sweeping will make the dust back to air

Although traditional vacuum cleaner can remove dust effectively, ultrafine dust will still rise up into air through the wind outlet.

Now we introduce a new water filter vacuum cleaner with patents, which can solve the industrial ultrafine dust, and can be used together with wall sander, excavators, dry grinder, and so on

Compared the general vacuum cleaner, CT501 water filter vacuum cleaner has a three-stage filtration system, which can filter ultrafine dust to avoid secondary pollution effectively. However, the general vacuum cleaner only filter through a dust bag, could not filter ultrafine dust and can cause to damage the motor.


CT501 water filter vacuum cleaner include below main components


1-      The whole water filter circulatory system;

2-      Reverse blowing system;

3-      Motor assembly;

4-      Blowing system;

5-      Tank assembly


I, The product design/working principle


As pic 1-2 showing, the dust go through the port (part 11), and most of dust will stay at dust bag (part 12), this is the 1st stage filter; Only some the ultrafine particles, such as lime, mineral dust and wood dust, etc..will continue go through the water filter (part 14), this is the 2nd stage filter, those ultrafine particles will be absorbed by water; During the water filter, the water spray will be happened, that’ s why we add the 3rd stage HEPA filer (part 15) to clean the air. The fresh air will go out from port (part 17).


2.  Reverse blowing system


part 21reverse blowing switch),22reverse blowing cover),23moving shaft),24reverse blowing port)。

As pic 2-3 shown, press the reverse blowing switch down, it will push reverse blowing cover accordingly. The air will go to the HEPA filter to clean all the dust in the HEPA, The normal vacuum cleaner can easily be blocked by those ultrafine particles. The high durability and stability of suction stability are required for those areas.


3. Motor assembly


Cord clamp (part 31)Push handle (part 32)Housing (part 33) Carry handle (part 34)Socket (part 35)


4.Belowing system


Blowing cover (part 41), blowing moving board (part 42)


5. Tank assembly



Tank (part 51) , Clamp (part 52), Rear wheels (part 53), Universal wheels (part 54)


Above explanation let you know more details about design of water filter wet and dry vacuums, which is good partner for drywall sander

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