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The Formation Of Concept Of Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The formation of concept of handheld vacuum cleaner

The process of concept formation is the ability of information, experience and transformation, that is, how to transform information intelligence into meaningful creative direction in the market. In view of the existing competitive products and the proposal of the design concept that will launch the market, talk with some consumers, understand and clarify the consumer's needs, and provide the basis for the suggestion and decision of the design direction.


Figure 2-1


Figure 2-2 a few products on the world

According to the investigation of the vacuum cleaner and the consumer, in order to understand the acceptance and the development trend of the model, we should have some basic analytical data and steps, such as:

(a) product market survey and planning

(b) development trend of product technology and functional characteristics of products

(c) analysis of similar products of the world

(d) analysis of popular trends

(E) the starting point of creativity and the analysis of consumer psychology

(f) qualitative analysis and induction, market research and information collection and analysis.


Figure 2-3 conceptual sketches

Conceptual visualization: the work of a designer is to convert the language of the market into a concrete form of visualization, usually through the 2D or 3D, to design the concept expression; whether the idea of the design can meet the needs of the target population and catch the trend of consumer popularity. Using the graph surface or model is the most convenient method of communication and selection. Through the method of market research, we can ask the target crowd directly to collect the consumer's love and reaction through the method of market research, and then analyze the results and analyze the results as the basis for the final decision.


Fig. 2-4 concept map, which is represented by computer virtual graph, transforms the direction of market research into design drawing.

Visualization is the core task of designers, and the quality of their design is related to the aesthetic feeling, creativity and experience of designers.


Figure 2-5


Figure 2-6

The vacuum cleaner designs the computer simulation effect diagram, and builds the 3D model by the new product design conception through the calculator, which is the basis of the decision. The 3D model can provide the prototype prototype directly.

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