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The Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner For Home
- Jul 15, 2018 -

The best backpack vacuum cleaner for home


Cleantech CT-BP4001 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Bags 

The Cleantech Backpack vacuums is a device that revolutionised clean in the house. Bold design inspired by professional models, the first back pack vacuum cleaner for use in the home. Compact and lightweight, is worn like a rucksack, for ultra mobile and quick vacuum.
No more canister vacuum cleaner by the furniture or door to impact. Purist design. With the easy motor you quick in all to clean areas of the house and saves so much time.
Aspirobag also can be used for difficult places like stairs or your car window. Has a telescopic handle made of aluminium with on/off handle switch; no more constant bending on/off switch.

Product Features:

·        Bold design inspired by professional models, lightweight at only 5 kg and very handy to a cable of 7 m; Worn like a rucksack and adapts to adjustable back and stomach straps.

·        Good Suction performance, the handle has a power on/off - Grip switch for even more comfort and comfort during use.

·        With a wide variety of accessories: 1 x Standard brush for 2 Positions (carpets and smooth floors), 1 Crevice Tool, long, flat, 1 Triangular long nozzle for furniture, 1 soft brush for dusting, 12 vacuum cleaner bags and 1 instruction manual (ev. may not be in English).

·        Energy efficiency class A, complies with the European standard for 2017, with 800 W and no loss of suction.


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