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The Advantages And Dis-advantages Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The advantages and dis-advantages of cordless vacuum cleaner, houhold vacuums, handheld vacuum cleaner

All the houses are installed in the house now, and what is the best place to use it? There are two kinds of dust collecting methods for vacuum cleaners, one is dust collecting bags. And there's no dust bag. What about the two kind of household vacuum cleaner? Today I would like to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of the five duster bag household cleaner.

Some bagged household vacuum cleaners use porous materials, usually inserting bags between the intake pipe and the exhaust port. The vacuum bag collects dust and debris inhaled through the intake. Tiny holes in the capsule are large enough for air to pass through, but small dust particles are adapted.

One of the advantages of this type of vacuum cleaner is that when the bag can be replaced with a new one, it is full of dirt. You just need to slip out of the vacuum and throw the trash can. If you have allergies, bagged vacuum cleaner is better because you will not be exposed to dust.

On the other hand, vacuum bags require you to keep buying bags. Although the vacuum packaging bag is cheap, it is still inconvenient bag to change from time to time. In addition, every time you vacuum, the bag accumulates dirt, so you always have to remember to check if it is full of bags before using it.

Dust-free bag vacuum cleaner, as its name implies, does not use bag less vacuum cleaner bag, but uses dirt containers to collect dust and debris. They can also use filters to let air pass through and retain dust particles in containers. In order to maintain a clean state of operation, you need to fill empty containers at full time. One advantage of the dust-free bag cleaner is that you can easily see that if the container is full, it will worry that it will forget less empty equipment.

Pick out the right vacuum cleaner for your home, and you don't need to worry about buying new bags. Besides, if you are not careful about the valuable things in vacuum, you can easily retrieve the dirt containers. Although the dust-free bag vacuum cleaner does not require you to change the package, you need to remove the dirt containers and filters for regular maintenance. Cleaning filters can be a heavy drudgery because they need to be washed, brushed, fully dried or completely replaced. Though it is true, you will have to pay for the replacement of the filter every year if you do not buy the bag.

Sometimes, the cost of replacing filters is almost a year's supply of vacuum packaging bags.

Emptying containers can also be a very tricky process, because you need to shake or pull out the dirt from the bottom of the container. Most of the users of this type of cleaning agent complain that air dust particles are depleted and scattered into the room. For pet owners, the use of this cleaning can cause pain in the neck, because pet hair will continue to adhere to the device filter. The accumulation of pet hair may reduce the airflow performance, so it is necessary to thoroughly clean the filter.

As time goes on, even if you are very clean, the filter still keeps the smell from the pet. You may need to replace filters more than recommended replacement cycles.

Otherwise, your vacuum will spit the smell of pets, and it will stink your house. The market of bag less vacuum cleaner continues to rise because the idea of not buying bags is to attract customers. However, many industry experts predict that users will soon see the reality, dust-free vacuum bags, and more shortcomings.


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