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Steam Mop, Steamer MOP, Steamer
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Steam mop, steamer MOP, steamer

The principle of steam mop is to sterilize and clean the environment through high temperature and high pressure steam by heating the water, producing pressure and high temperature. Steam mop is generally high temperature sterilization, oil removal and other functions. Using high pressure to produce steam, it can be cleaned and sterilized, and it is easy to deal with difficult dirt. Whether it is the kitchen oil cigarette smoke machine old oil scale, wet bathroom mold breeding, or car engine and interior, and so on, steam mop quickly clean dirt, time saving, economical and economical. No cleaning agent is required, which is completely in line with economic principles.

brief introduction

steam mop


The gas stove in the kitchen, the oil sucking machine and the surrounding wall, the heavy oil which has been attached for years, always makes the hard housewife have a headache, the many cleaning agents on the market are sold, the quality price is different, the cleaning agent can take time to wait for the dirt to dissolve, the chemical cleaning agent will cause environmental pollution and easily hurt the hand. Use a steam mop,


These worries are out of sight. In addition to cleaning, it can be germicidal, cutting on the cutting board and cutting meat, the slit of the knife marks concealment of the sizeable bacteria. One careless will harm the human body. The steam in high temperature can be cleaned and the bacteria can be killed light. In the wet bathroom, the magnetic brick and the seam fine will have the black and black ugly mold to breed, the bathroom cleanser is difficult to remove, the toilet groove is also difficult to wash clean, the steam mop high temperature bacteria removal effect lasting, with the curved nozzle, is the intimate design, is the best equipment of the general family or the public cleaning.


1. high temperature sterilizing and sterilizing 120 degrees high temperature steam;

2. remove oil pollution can quickly dissolve stubborn oil, clean and effortless.

3. the function of ironing and dry cleaning can press one material to iron to achieve the functions of dry cleaning, dust removal and sterilization.

4. environmental protection needs only clean water, no pollution to the environment and no scratching products.

5. efficient and quick a few minutes into the water into steam, no use of detergent or chemical drugs, the various types of material to play efficient and quick cleaning, disinfection efficacy;

6. descaling and energy saving, no need for friction, no damage to the surface of the cleaned material, completely eliminate oil, odor, odor, lime sediment, soap floats, mold, old marks, calcium trace and other dirt;

7. healthy living high temperature steam can kill dust mites, E Escherichia coli and Salmonella, and create a cleaner and healthier living environment for you and your family.

8. multi-functional cleaning products, household cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and so on can be completed at the same time, completely relieving the troubles and problems of family health, is an all-around household cleaning expert;

9. the operation is simple and the various nozzles and brushes attached can be applied to various occasions flexibly.

10. green environmental protection, no chemicals, no pollution, can replace traditional cleaning agents, is an environmentally friendly cleaning products.

11., high temperature sterilization, disinfection, almost clean everything.

12. the functions of comfort and dry cleaning can carry out vertical comfort, dry cleaning and dusting, and use one machine for many purposes.

13. big, strong, long, large capacity, strong air pressure and long steam.

14. has the function of anti dry burning and automatic power cut.

Usage method

1. unscrew the safety helmet from top to bottom in counterclockwise direction. Add proper amount of water according to the requirement and avoid excessive water injection (maximum water injection volume 1.5L). Turn the safety helmet clockwise and assemble the accessories according to the items that customers want to clean. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, hold down the steam jet button, and steam can be used after spraying.

2. after cleaning, place the cleaner for a period of time to cool the fuselage completely. Keep it in a cool place. It is strictly forbidden to spray steam on people, pets and plants.

3. when cleaning, no detergent or soapy water is strictly prohibited, and regular tap water must be used.


Functional introduction

Steam mop has super strong function to remove oil stains, dirt and stubborn stains. The biggest headache for home life is the smoker


Clean kitchen utensils

The oil stains, the stains in the toilet, the urine stains, the stains on the leather sofa, and the old and persistent cleaning work left by the hands of the refrigerator and the microwave oven. Whether the use of brush, steel ball or cleaner, and even the use of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other chemical corrosion products can not achieve the ideal effect. The steam mop has a high-performance brush head made of multi-function cleaning machine, and there is no escape from the stain.

Steam mop has functions of cleaning edge, air gap and corner. The floor, the edge, the corner, the corner, the door frame, the door frame, the window, the drawer in the refrigerator, the partition board, the tank, the cupboard, the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the sofa, or the bottom of the sofa, can not be scrubbed with a mop or mop. Only a gentle spray, the high temperature steam at 130 degrees can easily make the stubborn stains sticking out of these dead corners themselves. The dirty place is immediately renewed, which is the power of steam mops.

Steam mop has the function of efficient cleaning of glass products.

Clean glass supplies

The special leather brush can be used to clean the house, doors, windows, glass, windshield and glassware directly.

Scope of application

Flow table, cutting board, oil smoker, wooden floor, screen window, bathroom equipment, oven, the wall of the Buddha Hall, smoking room, yellow spot wall, car engine, tire, inside, Chain Watch, unclean ornaments, chorionic dolls and other children's toys, overcoats and cloth sand hair, etc.

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