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Shampoo Vacuum Cleaner Factory In China
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Shampoo vacuum cleaner factory in China

We CLEANTECH is professional vacuum cleaner manufacturer to produce shampoo vacuum cleaner, carpet vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, ash cleaner, scrubber, etc.

Below shampoo vacuum cleaner is for your reference.

This CLEANTECH Cleaner convinces with its suction power and solid manufacturing.

The combo vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning of carpet and car interior, whether wet - dry shampoo or cleaning, also perfect for tiles, laminate, parquet, flooring and plastic flooring.

When the pump is off, the detergent is sprayed from the tank with pressure directly into the cleaning position and immediately and not rubbed in the floor or carpet fibers.

The CLEANTECH Cleaner is a real all-rounder:

It can be used both for conventional vacuuming as well as the so-called wet eyes as suck for washing. Here, the suction power is a maximum of 1400 watt, the washing and shampooing sucking and sucking the wet - so the suction of liquid - can be done in a single operation.


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