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Preca Utions For High Power Vacuum Cleaners In Winter
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Maintenance knowledge of powerful and powerful vacuum cleaners.

High power vacuum in winter use notice: 

1. The reasonable and effective maintenance of industrial vacuum cleaners increases the life span to its more than 24 months, 220 v are generally have a motor, the long time high temperature work will make the use time of carbon brush wear high-speed lower vacuum cleaner. The service life of a carbon brush is about 600 hours. If the machine doesn't work when it reaches about 600 hours, first check whether the carbon brush needs to be replaced and then consider the motor problem.

2. Be sure to do a good job to electrostatic, so as not to be electrostatic touch, although there is no danger to human body, but the feeling of electric shock is very uncomfortable, the generation of static electricity is with dry climate, coupled with strong vacuum cleaner dust through the hose electrostatic high speed friction, as long as the metal parts of the machine and we will solve electrostatic chain.

The power supply should match the parameters of the machine.

3.38v the machine must be grounded when used, and check the circuit and socket in good condition on a regular basis.

4. The filter is often cleaned and the machine is disconnected during cleaning. The filter is guaranteed to be dry.

5. The vent should always be kept clear, and check if there is any foreign body clogging, which will affect the normal use of the vacuum cleaner.

6. If the suction is insufficient, please check the sealing of the machine and whether the machine is properly installed.

7. In the use of the noise is very large, the general situation is dust into the fan, should be timely maintenance.

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