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Places That Buy Vacuum Cleaners
- Jul 22, 2018 -

places that buy vacuum cleaners


Professional Industry 1600W Water Filter Wet Dry Vacuums


I, Features:

·        3 Filters (Dust Bag, Water Filter, HEPA Filter) 0 Pollution


·        Vacuum solids and liquids of great power: 1600 W.

·        Power regulator to control all sucked.

·        Suitable for all surfaces all accessories hard floors, liquids, accessory tissues, multipurpose accessory brush and corners.

·        Great capacity of deposit: 35 litres without bags 7 m of radio of action.

·        Easy movement thanks to its 4 wheels.

·        Safety valve design - liquid level monitoring function, self-stop with high liquid level

·        The reverse wind blow system - Clean dust and ultrafine dust in the filer to keep high vacuum

·        Provide 12 months electric warranty


II. Application

This product with outstanding appearance looks glorious. As a professional vacuum cleaner, this product has a wider range of application.

Except the general application of vacuum cleaner, this product has a specific design for ultrafine dust to keep the suction of persistent and clean the dust thoroughly.

Wall grinding, clean dry grinding system and other industries mainly to clean up the ultrafine particles, such as lime, mineral dust and wood dust, etc..

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