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Operation Rules For Multi-function Scrubber Dryer
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Operation rules for multi-function scrubber dryer


1. Function

Washing ground

A, needles, ground washes: wash the smooth ground;

B, wash brush: wash the rough surface of the ground.

With needle holder, red pad and polishing wax, it can be polished on the ground.

Two. Operating rules

1. check the machine power cord, whether the host has breakage or malfunction.

2, the washing brush and needle holder will be fastened on the chassis of the main engine.

3, connect the power supply, indicating the light.

4, adjust the height of the handle of the floor machine to make the operator comfortable.

5. Start the switch. In operation, the handle is pressed down, and the floor sweeping machine goes to the left. Lift the handle and move to the right.

7, according to the principle of "leaving 2/3, leaving 1/3".

8, after use, turn off the power supply (both hands loosening the control handle), remove the floor brush or needle holder, and switch off the power supply.

9. Clean the floor cleaner, needle holder or floor brush. Wipe the power cord tightly.

10. push the wiper back to the machine bin and return it to the designated location.

Three. Precautions

1. maintenance attention: dry or half tide wet cloth wipe, no electrical components and water contact, regularly check the wire is damaged, wheels, rotating shaft regularly oil.

2. do not let the water splash into the motor, so that the motor is not burnt, and the brush does not touch the power cord, otherwise it will be rolled in, causing accidents easily.

3. do not do barefoot operation in the process of use.

4. after use, do not press the brush at the bottom of the machine.

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