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Multi-function Dry Vacuum Cleaner Ash Cleaner
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Multi-function ash cleaner


I, Product Description And Features:

Light and comfortable weight including accessories HEPA filter system for drywet and blowing, Wood/or pellet stoves Bagless that requires no paper or other dust bags, Sturdy 28 Litre Stainless Steel Container with optimised Saugluft isolation large-scale printed fine dustFilter with a high retention capacity high operational safety through safety stop at with filter Large lid with 2 quick release fasteners for easy emptying and cleaning metal hose with protective plastic casing and durable aluminium casing Vacuum nozzle internal metal protection filter basket with a carry handle does not support depth diving such as being used for lit Sturdy frame with 4 castors Max. Power 1200 W

·        For wet and Trockens eyes and even removing bag from grills or ovens

·        CLEANTECH 28 litre stainless steel container with optimised Saugluft isolation

·        1200 watt max. Power, bagless that requires no paper or other dust bags,

·        HEPA filter system Bagless that requires no paper or other dust bags,

·        Large-scale panel fine dust filter with high retention properties

III, Accessories & Specification:




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