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Lightweight And Powerful Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
- Aug 17, 2018 -

lightweight and powerful backpack vacuum cleaner


I, Product Description

The CLEANTECH back pack vacuum cleaner ZN1202 is a versatile dry vacuum, ideal for use in stairways, high traffic or hard to reach areas. The backpack design allows the vacuum to be carried around from room to room in hotels, making it perfect for cleaning room quickly without having to pull around a wheeled machine. To provide maximum comfort, the straps have a patented ventilation system, helping to keep users cool whilst they clean.


II, Features:

l  Multi-functions: Dry, wet and blowing

l  Back pack frame: the shoulder straps & lumbar support provide excellent stability & user comfort

l  Low noise

l  Power cord length: 8m

l  Winding function

l  Side attached

l  Hose Length: 1.5m for backpack version

l  Hose Length: 1.2m extend to 4m for hang version


III, Accessories :


• crevice tool for tight places

• Sofa brush

• hose

• weight ca.: 3.6 Kgs

• user manual

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