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Is The Fully Automatic Small Washing Machine Scrubber Dryer Suitable For Home Use?
- Oct 07, 2018 -

Is the fully automatic small washing machine scrubber dryer suitable for home use?

The fully automatic small washing machine is a cleaning device developed by CLEANTECH for small-area sites. This washing machine has the characteristics of compact design, compact body, convenient use and flexible operation. It is deeply affected by hotels, offices and office rooms. The favorite of the place, then, many users ask CLEANTECH, is the fully automatic small washing machine suitable for home use? Below, CLEANTECH tells you about the use of fully automatic small washing machine on this issue.


Home automatic small washing machine features:

1. The body design is compact, small in size, and can be turned freely to clean the ground at any position.

2, low noise design, the low frequency noise of this small washing machine, the sound frequency range is set to 20 ~ 200Hz, will not cause discomfort caused by working sound.

3, foldable design, more convenient to use after storage, do not occupy the place, after use, put it on the balcony or bathroom.

4, the mop can not be cleaned the dirty kitchen floor, this washing machine can clean the ground thoroughly, leaking the original shiny surface of the ground.

5. The automatic small-scale washing machine has low price and is economical and affordable.

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