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How To Use Scruuber Dryer Sweeping Machine
- Aug 08, 2018 -

How to use scruuber dryer sweeping machine



The Cleantech household scrubbing machine, household scrubber dryer, the Model 380A with its compact design, is highly maneuverable. It is the highly innovative scrubbing machine, the height is only 150mm; it can easy clean the narrow space.

Product Main Design:

1.        Easy to use, simple to maintain and productivity of 500 m2 per hour;

2.        Muiti-functions – scrubbing, disinfection, dust adsorption, dry immediately, to save the time and effort, small and light, perfect protection, burnishing and intelligent cleaning;

3.        Hardiness is its strong point, it requires little space to park and is easy to carry;

4.        Control panel is easy to understand with ergonomic design;

5.        Compact arrangement of tanks save both water and detergent;



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