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How To Select A Correct Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?
- Jul 14, 2018 -

How to select a correct industrial vacuum cleaner?


There are a lot of industry vacuum cleaner in the market. How to select or how to purchase a correct industrial vacuum cleaner? We need to check below several points.


The selection of industrial vacuum cleaner is based on reliable quality, functional applicability and convenient operation. In addition to understanding the structure and power, we should also consider the number of additional functions, mainly in six respects:


See if there is a strong and weak suction control device. Industrial vacuum cleaner use more and more occasions, it is best to have a strong suction power control switch or motor speed adjustable device, the purpose is to avoid light heavy curtain, and so on because of too strong suction plug the industrial suction nozzle. Some industrial vacuum cleaners have a circular hole on the long hard pipe, and the suction area is changed by adjusting the area of the circular hole with a regulating ring. Vacuum cleaner without any suction control device or speed regulating device is very inconvenient to use, so it is best not to buy it.


Two see if there is a dust display device. Dust accumulated in the industrial vacuum cleaner should be cleaned up in time, otherwise the life of the motor will be affected. Therefore, there is a red indicator to remind users to stop operation and dust cleaning is very necessary.


Three see whether it is convenient to clean the dust. Some old industrial vacuum cleaners need to be shaken down and dusty when they pour dust, which is very inconvenient and unsanitary. The new vacuum cleaner is simple and clean.


Four see if there is an automatic winding device. The new industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with an automatic winding device. As long as the switch is pressed, the power cord can be quickly or automatically released or involved, and the operation is convenient.


Five see whether there is a dust collector bag protection device. Dust bag or filter bag is the key component of vacuum cleaner, but it is easy to be damaged by metal and other benefits. Some industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with electromagnets on the dust brush, which can absorb scrap iron, blades, needles and so on, so as to avoid them entering the dust collecting bags.


Six look at the quality of the industrial vacuum cleaner. In addition to producing areas and brands, the credibility of products can be generally judged from the appearance of plastic parts. Those with poor appearance are generally inferior in quality. The internal quality can be judged from the size of the motor noise, the strength of the air suction and so on. During the inspection, attention should also be paid to whether the hose and its interface are leaking, and whether the accessories and spare parts are all equal.

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