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How Do You Use Scrubber Dryer, Sweeping Machine, MOP To Clean Your House?
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Hand Held Scrubbing Machine


Product Description / Applications:

This machine is a hand-held ground scrubbing machine, which is suitable for all kinds of hard flat floor. It is mainly suitable for family, small commercial shops, public commercial area ground, station, dock, airport, tourist attractions, cruise, bar, and all kinds of service areas and high speed rail. With humanized design and advanced touch screen operation, the machine is convenient and flexible with remote control function and dust adsorption function.


Main Features:

1, Split type machine design and flexible operation;

2, MOP type operation, convenience and quickly;

3, It can be cleaned in complex environment and can be cleaned within a depth of 800mm within a height of 100mm;

4, The handle can be folded and turned 90 degrees;

5, Touch-screen keypad;

6, Can increase the remote control;

7, Suitable for any hard surface floor cleaning of less than 300 square meters;

8, Has dust absorption function



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