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General Situation Of Domestic Vacuum Cleaner, Household Vacuum Cleaner, Industry Vacuum Cleaner, Etc
- Jun 27, 2018 -

General situation of domestic vacuum cleaner, household vacuum cleaner, industry vacuum cleaner, etc

Vacuum cleaner is an early entry into China's small household appliances. Since 2004, the domestic market sales of vacuum cleaner have risen all the way. In 2011, the sales volume broke through 80 million units, the speed of development remained at about 10%, and the popularity rate of the first tier cities reached over 50%. But compared with foreign markets, the scale of the industry is quite different. In 1977, the popularity of vacuum cleaners in the United States had reached 99.9%, and in Japan, the number of household vacuum cleaners has been stable at around 1400 units since 1994. From this we can see that compared to foreign markets, the domestic market has huge potential for development and room for growth.

The demand of domestic and foreign markets has also led to the development of vacuum cleaner production and manufacturing industry in China. China has become a big exporter of vacuum cleaner. At present, the total production of vacuum cleaner accounts for 60% of the total output of world vacuum cleaner, and the vacuum cleaner has become one of the most exported household appliances in China, with an average annual export volume of more than 19 million units. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, in 2004, China's mainland vacuum cleaner exports totaled 1 billion 200 million US dollars, and the total export volume in 2005 was 87 million 625 thousand, and the export amount was up to 1 billion 490 million US dollars, accounting for 68%[1] of the total sales of global vacuum cleaner.

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