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Five Star Hotel Bucket Type Vacuum Cleaner, Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Five star hotel bucket type vacuum cleaner, Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

In the preferences of users buying vacuum cleaner, the small editor found a phenomenon, in many grass recommendation and shopping areas, most users tend to focus on large capacity, large suction solid vacuum cleaner. CLEANTECH's 308 barrel vacuum cleaner, the main selling point of the home business, the heat and user evaluation feedback are good, so the small editor in depth understand the reasons for the users of Amway.


Why do you choose a bucket type vacuum cleaner?

In modern life, people spend most of their time in their own home after busy work and study, and the health of home environment is gradually paid attention to. It is also the reason why people begin to pay attention to the selection and purchase of vacuum cleaner. In the course of the development of the vacuum cleaner, the barrel type vacuum cleaner can not be replaced by other vacuum cleaner because it is large, can be equipped with a larger power motor and has a greater suction. The bucket type vacuum cleaner used to be used in commercial places such as hotels, offices and stores, while the CLEANTECH 308 barrel type vacuum cleaner, while retaining the high efficiency vacuum cleaner for commercial vacuum cleaners, reduces the size to the available volume in the home environment through technological innovation. The shape design also uses fashion color matching, the original heavy bucket type vacuum cleaner. It has become small and cute, which has achieved the user's desire to achieve dual-use consumption of vacuum cleaner.

Dry and wet three use, cleaning a barrel to fix

The conventional barrel type vacuum cleaner has a single function. In the complex family health environment, sometimes the liquid is sprinkled on the ground, the cleaning efficiency is slow and laborious with the conventional method. After the ground is wet, it is mixed with the dust, making it difficult to clean the work. CLEANTECH 308 is replaced by a randomly allocated water brush, it can easily suck off the liquid; put the hose in the outlet, immediately realize the blow function, blow dry wet ground; dry and wet three big functions to gather a barrel, let the cleaning work more relaxed. Compared to the material of deformation and rust metal barrel body, CLEANTECH 308 used engineering PP plastic material, the fuselage waterproof and anti electric shock, waterproof grade reached the level of IPX4, even from the top of water to the fuselage, it will not cause leakage, short circuit, burning machine and other phenomena, so that the user safe and clean without worries.

Line length and dust bucket capacity -- barrel type vacuum cleaner to purchase the required parameters

When buying a bucket type vacuum cleaner, the line length of the power supply and the capacity of the dust collecting box are all the parameters that the user must know before buying. This involves the convenience of the user in the use of the vacuum cleaner. The suitable line length does not need to be continuously plugged in to find the power supply interface, and is equipped with a large capacity collection box, so it does not need to clean up the space of large area. At the time, the dust collection box is repeatedly dumped. CLEANTECH 308 barrel vacuum cleaner has 5m power connection line length and 20L-60L large capacity dust barrel, allowing users to have sufficient space to obtain the best cleaning experience, more time-saving and labor-saving.

If you want to suck what to suck, when you want to fall down, whether you are a householder or a lazy cancer otaku, this vacuum cleaner can all be asked, and believe that this is why users choose CLEANTECH 308 after a lot of grass.

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