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CLEANTECH Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner CT-C810 Refresh The New Benchmark Of Vacuum Cleaner Industry.
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Walk to the crossroads of technology and humanities, CLEANTECH Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Cyclonic vacuum cleaner CT-C810 refresh the new benchmark of vacuum cleaner industry.


Science and technology are means, the humanities are home! Only the combination of science and technology and the humanities can make great products! People know Jobs know that Jobs's attitude to the product is different, each time is not only to create an electronic product is to design a art, more surprising is that such a combination can always arouse the use of In the heart of the heart of the resonance!

In the vacuum cleaner industry, the product of similar concept is rising. She is the CLEANTECH vacuum cleaner. From the date of its birth, the famous CLEANTECH vacuum cleaner has a profound insight into the changes of the user's life style with a completely different perspective, to solve the pain point that the user has not said, and to improve the sense of user experience. By hiding technology behind the humanities, only the "little lucky" experience it creates is displayed in front of the user; CLEANTECH vacuum cleaner makes the technology have the temperature to make the user feel warm.

Today, at the crossroads of technology and humanities, CLEANTECH starts to refresh the new benchmark of the vacuum cleaner industry.

Redefine the performance benchmarks for the purpose of suction.

A good vacuum cleaner must make home life cleaner and comfortable. This is the original intention of people choosing cleaning appliances.

The main factor that affects the effect of suction is the suction. Just like overclocking is the track of CPU, power has become the default performance track of the vacuum cleaner industry. Conventional household suction force is generally between 200W-400W, more than 400W power, some vacuum cleaner can absorb more than 5kg weight, industry commonly known as large suction products.

In terms of performance, CLEANTECH CT-C810 has taken the lead in PK foreign brand to create a new industry benchmark. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 1200W high power original motor, which makes the power of inhalation reach the peak value of 1000W and achieves better cleaning effect.

Another important factor affecting the net absorption effect is process decomposition. CLEANTECH CT-C810 horizontal vacuum cleaner provides three cleaning procedures: suction, filter, sweep, 1200W storm suction, easy to deal with the size of particles; 0.3 micron fine filtration, farewell to two pollution; patented brush ground cleaning, clean do not leave dust.

Large suction can not be absorbed and sticky can not be absorbed. Other vacuum cleaner may need to be dragged for several times before it can be done. CLEANTECH's vacuum cleaner goes through it. Why don't CLEANTECH perform more professionally? It stems from its 20 years of concentration. Since the development, CLEANTECH has a number of patents, gradually mastered the "machine heat", "dust separation", "smooth suction duct" and other vacuum cleaner industry core technology. In the separation of dust and gas, the CLEANTECH vacuum cleaner adopts the supersonic HEPA filter system, the huge centrifugal force makes the separation rate of dust up to 99.99%, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the discharged air and make the health protection more efficient. CLEANTECH unique unobstructed air duct design. Not only does the volume control at low decibel, but also makes the sound similar to the conch sound.

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