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Canister Vacuum With HEPA Filter, Canister Vacuum For Carpet
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Canister vacuum with HEPA filter, Canister vacuum for carpet

Canister vacuum cleaner is currently the highest occupancy rate in vacuum cleaner market, which is more than 80%. Its advantages such as high efficiency and convenient use make it the first choice for many families. The characteristics of the canister vacuum cleaner are as follows:

1. small shape, easy to receive

The general canister vacuum cleaner is only as big as a shoe box, so it is more convenient to store it without wasting space.

2. strong dust absorption capacity

The canister vacuum cleaner is more clean than the vertical cleaner, thanks to its special suction design and high power motor. The canister vacuum cleaner can clean up the area that many upright vacuum cleaner can't be involved in.

3. dust absorption capacity is large

The internal vacuuming capacity of the canister vacuum cleaner is much larger than that of the upright vacuum cleaner.

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