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Buy Vacuum Cleaner From Three Aspects Of Function, Operation And Cleanliness.
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Buy vacuum cleaner from three aspects of function, operation and cleanliness.


Cleantech cordless stick vacuum cleaner, cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, cordless upright vacuum cleaner is your best solutions.


With the progress of science and the improvement of people's living standard, smart appliances have come into our lives. The emergence and popularization of all kinds of intelligent products have made people unfamiliar with AI. The intelligent vacuum cleaner is also one of the types. The intelligent vacuum cleaner on the market is very powerful, and can even say that it completely replace the manual and overcome the artificial cleaning of the house. However, there are many kinds of intelligent vacuum cleaner products. How do we choose home vacuum cleaner when we buy them?

How to choose smart vacuum cleaner? How to choose the smart cleaner? Generally speaking, we should consider the function, operation mode and cleaning intensity of the vacuum cleaner.


CLEANTECH Smart Vacuum Cleaner uses the latest global purification intelligence technology to save your money, save your heart, clean the indoor home environment, and improve the quality of life of the users.

Vacuum cleaner's function: light wireless, net unbounded

CLEANTECH CT-C1007 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, which mainly in the "light wireless net unbounded" product characteristics, attracted a large number of customers at home and abroad to buy, it has also been successfully known as the most cost-effective bacteria elimination star product of CLEANTECH.

From the literal meaning, "light wireless" refers to this vacuum cleaner is a wireless operation, very convenient, free from the wire power and other complex factors, to enhance the sense of home experience. "Net unbounded" means that the vacuum cleaner has super strong bacteria removal efficiency, one machine is one of the selling points of this vacuum cleaner, and the use of home and car is very convenient. It is easy to solve all kinds of tedious cleaning problems in our life. The two magic weapons, light wireless, clean and unbounded, have also laid an important foundation for the continuous sale of this vacuum cleaner in the market.


Operation mode of vacuum cleaner: hand-held + upright portable two in one vacuum cleaner

There are many kinds of vacuum cleaners on the market. If you use it at home, Xiaobian recommends this hand-held + vertical portable CLEANTECH CT-C1007. This type of vacuum cleaner can be easily disassembled, combined with the suction nozzle, and can be easily operated to clean indoor home appliances and indoor corners. The cleaning problems in the narrow gap, the ground, the table, the car, the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed, and so on, can be done.


Cleaning strength of vacuum cleaner: large suction, 12 sets of cyclone efficiently decompose dust.

For users, the most important concern of buying vacuum cleaner is his cleaning strength. Many users in the process of using the vacuum cleaner, worry about the suction problem will choose the market wired vacuum cleaner, because the cable vacuum cleaner can be timely recharged and maintain abundant power supply power.  The wire vacuum cleaner can also adjust the suction by adjusting the gear position.  But the most terrible thing is that the long circuit has become the malpractice of the product. Although the CLEANTECH CT-C1007 vacuum cleaner is wireless, it has a large suction secret - with 12 sets of ultra strong cyclone technology, the large particles of dust are directly decomposed on the outside, and the dust and sundries that are decomposed are directly dumped into the dust collection.

In general, vacuum cleaner has developed rapidly in the home appliance industry in recent years. Star products such as CLEANTECH CT-C1007 are very popular. If you think the floor cleaning and cleaning the house are too hard, you can consider buying the right product. CLEANTECH Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner will become a good helper in your home, helping to deal with all kinds of dust easily. Intelligent cleaning saves time and effort.

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