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Big Suction Of Vacuum Cleaner Allows You To Say Goodbye To Human Cleanliness
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Which brand is good for the vacuum cleaner brand? Big suction allows you to say goodbye to human cleanliness. The cleantech’s cordless vacuum cleaner, household vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, cyclonic vacuum cleaner, etc


For many white-collar workers, high intensity and fast-paced living conditions are already commonplace. Most of the young people are very cherish not easily won holiday, who do not want on vacation but also picked up the broom to clean the house, but see sloppy and restless.

It appeared on the market a multifunctional cleaner is very popular for white-collar workers, compared to the traditional bulky cable cleaner, multi-function wireless portable vacuum cleaner is the new Wanghong. But in the face of a lot of wireless vacuum cleaner products on the market, picking up a satisfactory wireless cleaner is also a learned thing. Among them, the wireless vacuum cleaner from CLEANTECH is trusted by consumers and has become the preferred product of many customers. CLEANTECH has more than 40 years of successful development history in the field of indoor cleaning, and has accumulated a lot of experience and technology in the development of indoor cleaning equipment. So what are the characteristics of the CLEANTECH wireless vacuum cleaner?

One. Large suction

CLEANTECH's wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with brushless permanent magnet motors, which are more powerful than ordinary motors. The vacuum degree is 8500pa, which can instantly absorb dust and leave no trace. CLEANTECH wireless cleaner has two gear suction, standard gear generally used for adsorption of some hair, dust, cobwebs and other impurities, strong adsorption for gear shell seeds, peanut shell and other impurities hard, but the strength of file can run for 30 minutes.

Two. Long endurance

CLEANTECH wireless cleaner is equipped with large capacity power lithium battery, which is safer and more durable. A charge is completed, can work for 30-35 minutes, Home Furnishing sucking work enough to complete 120 square, battery life is very good, no side suction side of the charge, and save time and effort.


Three. Skillful design

The CLEANTECH wireless vacuum cleaner uses buckle type design, long handle short handle and different brush heads to switch at any time to cope with different home scenes. Besides being able to be used for routine cleaning on the ground, such as car cleaning and curtain mosquito net cleaning can be realized. The whole body design of CLEANTECH wireless cleaner is more ergonomic, balancing the design of mechanical handle, and capturing the hearts of housewives. The motor and battery and other gravity components are placed in the lower part of the handle to achieve mechanical balance with the whirlwind filtering system at the front end.


Four. Big dust box

CLEANTECH wireless cleaner has a large capacity dust box, and it uses air compressed air duct, compress the garbage half of the volume, and clean the dust box is not easy to dust, avoid the user with a face of ash, reducing the use of sense. The most important thing is that the dust box of the CLEANTECH wireless cleaner can be directly cleaned with water and no material trouble.


CLEANTECH wireless cleaner is easy to use and can absorb more dust. In addition to its strong performance, it also strives for excellence in design and user experience. It is a brand worth buying.

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