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A Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Good
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The dry and wet vacuum cleaner is also known as the vacuum suction machine, as the name implies, the dry and wet vacuum cleaner combines the two functions of vacuuming and water absorption. The average vacuum cleaner can only absorb dry medium with less water content, and the oil and water produced in the absorption process of the dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaner can be absorbed. How about a dry and wet vacuum cleaner? The difference between a dry and wet vacuum cleaner and a regular vacuum cleaner is an extra one out of the ventricle. When the dust, air and water are sucked out of the ventricles, the heavier water is whirled by the high speed, and then flows to the chamber wall and flows into the following bucket. The lighter dust and air pass out of the ventricle and into the filter bag to filter the dust. What about a wet and dry vacuum cleaner? Analyze the advantages and disadvantages immediately.

Advantages of dry and wet vacuum cleaner:

Suction beyond imagination, beautiful beautiful round barrel body, capacity, full of strong suction motor, vacuum suction effect is ideal, more efficient oversize multipurpose accessories, combination is convenient, durable, offers two different ways of drainage, arbitrary choice, easy to adjust, wide and solid cart rack configuration, flexible and stable, convenient operation. The design allows the motor to remain constant at constant temperature during the use of the motor, increasing the service life of the motor by more than three times, and the machine can work up to 24 hours continuously. Dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaner in chemical, spray paint, spray glaze, pigment and other industries production process, produced with moisture, sticky and pungent odor of dust is the most ideal way to dust.

Disadvantages of a wet cleaner:

Increase the solid-liquid separation device, the power consumption is larger. Cleaning difficulties, washing the sludge, to solve the sludge and sewage problems. In cold areas such as the northern area, the dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaners should be considered for anti-freeze measures to prevent the dust and water from freezing in the machine, causing the vacuum cleaner to be blocked.

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