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Which kind of handheld vacuum cleaner is good? How to avoid the three major problems of user feedback
- May 17, 2018 -

Which kind of handheld vacuum cleaner is good? How to avoid the three major problems of user feedback


Hand-held vacuum cleaner, the two years of net red clean products, the first users of the feedback is generally good, and many people also have the idea of trying, which is better handheld vacuum cleaner? What are the problems in use? According to the feedback report of most users, choose a good handheld vacuum cleaner. You should avoid three major problems.

First, the handheld vacuum cleaner can be divided into vertical and gun type from the appearance form. From the mechanical principle point of view, the center of gravity of the gunner is closer to the force point of the arm, so the use of the time can be not laborious. Secondly, the handheld vacuum is also divided into two kinds of wired and wireless, the cable design will be limited to the length of the power line. It is more inconvenient to plug power lines many times, so it is gradually replaced by wireless design products. Today, the three points are summed up for wireless design products.


First: how to ensure that suction is not attenuated or less attenuated.

The suction problem of vacuum cleaner is the focus of users' concern. The suction should not only be large but also ensure no attenuation, which is inseparable from the separation technology of motor and dust. The high quality motor has long service life, the performance is still good after long time use, the original power of the machine can be moved, the dust separation technology excellent product, without the filter device of the machine, the dust can be stripped to the old cup, the filter medium is not easy to block, the suction will not be attenuated, but the suction will not be attenuated. Not only do we need to replace the filter media regularly, but we also have to endure the problem of suction attenuation from time to time.


Of course, the technology of the dust technology is still more advanced, using the principle of different centrifugal forces under different cyclones to make the impurities in the air into the dust cup. In this respect, the big brand, led by Dyson and Proscenic (PU Sonny), has applied this technology to the actual product and has achieved good results.

Second: battery charging time and use time data can not be ignored.

This problem is often ignored by the user, or most people only pay attention to the length of the endurance, and the length of the endurance is really critical, especially the endurance in the strong mode, which is an important performance indicator of the wireless handheld vacuum cleaner. Endurance is directly related to battery power, so many people are concerned about battery capacity. In fact, it will be found that the battery charge is very critical. From the point of life of the battery, it is suggested that the battery is full of electricity on the basis of full discharge. At this time, it is very important to have a data. How long does the battery take longer to charge the battery?



At present, the fast charging technology in the industry is very weak, and even many brands need to charge 5~6 hours for a long time. In this way, there will be an awkward situation of using 7 minutes to charge 6 hours. However, there are also brands in this area has been optimized to be able to shorten the length of the charge to 3~4 hours, and the strong use of a long time to reach 20 minutes, fundamentally solving the problem of the use of large type user coverage.

Third: the type of brush head

Many people greatly underestimate the cleaning ability of the handheld vacuum cleaner, and only pay attention to the performance of the main brush when choosing. In fact, different brands have little difference in the design of the main brush. The main difference is the other brush heads, which can solve the clean pain points for you. For example, the long handle brush is the master of dust and dirt in the clean household gap.


Generally speaking, the most brands of the brushes, such as soft plush roller, reinforced plate, crevice, soft hair, clean and soft brush, will be equipped with most of these brushing brands. But the electric mattress except the mite brush but only Dyson, Pu Sonny g, puppy and other parts of the brand are equipped, and other brands in order to save the cost of the user's bedding, sofa and other fabrics of the depth of mite cleaning needs.

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