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What kind of problems can an industrial vacuum cleaner wet and dry vacuum cleaner solve?
- Oct 07, 2018 -

What kind of problems can an industrial vacuum cleaner wet and dry vacuum cleaner solve?

Vacuum cleaner performance: Industrial vacuum cleaners are a kind of matching or cleaning equipment commonly used in the industry. They can be used for waste collection, air filtration and purification, and environmental cleaning in industrial production processes. At the same time, it can be used together with industrial production equipment to absorb dust and debris generated during production to ensure the cleanliness of the working environment and the health of employees. For example, industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in the textile and chemical industries to reduce the hazards of some occupational diseases; they can absorb metal debris generated by mechanical processing and prevent damage to machinery and equipment.

Industrial vacuum cleaner (English vacuum cleaner) used in industrial production processes to collect waste, filter and purify air, and clean the environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb all kinds of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, can absorb and purify toxic and harmful gases, improve the quality of products in the textile industry, and recover some expensive catalytic materials in the chemical industry. And as an environmentally friendly equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners can effectively prevent the hazards of some occupational diseases, such as electric welders, pneumoconiosis, shoe factory leukemia.

Compared with other vacuum cleaners, the Kaidewei industrial vacuum cleaner has the advantages of continuous use for 24 hours, strong suction, large dust storage capacity, long service life and high temperature resistance. The outer casing and the trash can are made of stainless steel with a standard thickness. Protect the motor part from damage. In particular, industrial vacuum cleaners have almost no requirements for suction, and waste materials of various materials and shapes can be sucked. It can absorb solid particles of 0.3 micron or more with an accuracy of 99%, and is suitable for industries such as fine chemicals and precision machinery.

Filter material; industrial vacuum cleaner mainly separates solid liquid and air by filtration. Air filtration is mainly designed for the supporting facilities of pharmaceutical plants. Industrial vacuum cleaners commonly used in the market generally have one-fold filtration or multiple filtration. Generally, industrial vacuum cleaners use cyclone separator as the first layer. Filtered and filtered through the filter for high precision filtration. Ordinary filter element filtration accuracy is generally above 1 micron, but the filtration accuracy can reach 0.3 micron or less through the film or the filter element treated with special materials.

Filters made with different substrates should have different filtration schemes. Generally, there are glass fiber, chemical fiber, polyester, stainless steel and other filter substrates. The general industrial filter cores are composed of various materials to achieve the use environment. demand. The filtered solid is generally treated with a ''polyester fiber'' as a substrate, and then subjected to a surface PTFE film coating treatment, and the filtration precision is remarkably improved. KDW Innovation is leading the adoption of multi-fold filter elements (high-efficiency filters), which breaks through the problem of traditional vacuum cleaners during operation and increases the depth of the filter to increase the filter area.

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