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What is the function of the power vacuum cleaner in the workshop
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Many people would say that a home power vacuum cleaner can also be used in a factory floor, so what's the role of a high-powered industrial vacuum cleaner in our workshop?

First of all, we must understand the working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner.

Industrial vacuum cleaners is adopted vacuum principle to solve the clean problem in the field of industrial production and the design and manufacture. (vacuum principle, is the use of vacuum negative pressure, the purpose of making gas drive object.) at the moment we met in the main use of the principle of vacuum products for:

(1) vacuum cleaners (including industrial, commercial and household); It is to use vacuum to move garbage and dirt to where we need to collect, such as trash can.

(2) logistics or material delivery; For example: feed machine, use vacuum to make the material rise or move down to the designated position.

Second, what is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Industrial vacuum cleaners differ from commercial and household vacuum cleaners. From the following aspects, they show the difference between industrial vacuum cleaners and commercial and commercial vacuum cleaners.

(1) design method :(different structure)

Vacuum cleaners include: power parts, filtration parts, bucket parts and brackets and accessories.

A. drive part: most dynamic parts of the industrial vacuum cleaners to choose 380 volts industrial power supply to ensure a strong motivation. Industrial vacuum cleaner configuration of 380 v motor are basically 24 hours of continuous work at the same time, strong and durable.

B. filter parts: design selection filter with all kinds of different material, and a variety of different filter structure and mode, such as HEPA HEPA filter (minimum 0.01 0.3 micrometers can be up to standard, etc.) or add cyclone separator (used for solid-liquid separation) to improve the effect of filter, filtering effect of commercial and household cleaners. We passed the test showed that the ordinary commercial or household vacuum cleaner in high concentration of dust in fifty percent of the dust back into the air, to some extent, increased the content of dust in the air and influence the indoor air quality.

C. storage barrel parts: industrial vacuum storage barrel is generally greater than commercial and household cleaners, and considering the large capacity garbage sewage cleaning industrial vacuum cleaner design of mobile storage barrel and dump all very convenient. Or, depending on the situation with different trash can or recycling bins, in order to solve the problem. In the field of industrial dust recycling is one of the most common front-end intervention, can increase capacity, and separation of different materials recovery, can solve different part of the design of some of the incomplete industrial vacuum cleaners.

Ai xerox, for example, high power industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb a large number of the dust float in the air, particles and solid state recycling. And dry wet amphibious industrial vacuum cleaners can vacuuming bibulous meet the different needs of different clients at the same time.

D. stents and accessories parts: industrial vacuum cleaners and accessories design direction is strong and durable. All stents and accessories adopt steel structure, is very strong, not easy to damage. Ai xerox industrial vacuum cleaners can have different configuration of a variety of accessories combinations for different places, fields with different technological requirements, the internal demand as a result of the industrial diversification of external performance.

(2) structural principle:

The chassis and dust bucket of the high power industrial vacuum cleaner are made of stainless steel. The chassis can effectively protect the motor parts from damage.

For the household vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner is a completely industrial dust removal equipment, power, strong suction, and more durable, it is a necessary equipment to dust the factory.

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