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Water filter vacuum cleaner, dry and wet vacuum cleaner
- Jun 10, 2018 -

Water filter vacuum cleaner, dry and wet vacuum cleaner

The dry and wet vacuum cleaners absorb most of the microorganisms such as dust, garbage and bacteria when they are inhaled by strong suction through the water tank. Most of them are dissolved and locked in water. Through water to wet the dust to avoid dust spills when vacuuming; through water purification inhalation of gas, dissolving allergen, bacteria and other microorganisms. Then, through HEPA, efficient filtration cotton and other further filtration, through these three purification systems to ensure that the water filtration is perfect and efficient. Water filtration technology was first developed for allergy people, and the water was dissolved by water to lock the dust, particles and allergies, pollen, dust mites, microbacteria and so on, so as to avoid the allergy in the process of unclean air.

Chinese name

hot style

Filter medium



Water filtration technology

Product features

Intelligent cleaning


Dust and water suck


1.1 product features

2.2 matters of attention

3.3 how to clean

Product features

By pressing the boot, automatic dust removal can be done without manual assistance. Remote control cleaning: infrared remote sensor, remote control at any time, cleaning at any time.

Ultra thin fuselage: it can directly cut into the bottom of furniture for cleaning.

Autonomous Navigation: 5 kinds of walking mode, complete coverage to complete the task of cleaning, it is trustworthy. Edge cleaning: special side brush, along the wall walking path mode, to eliminate indoor dead area. Man machine interface: LED friendly human-machine interface, working state, easy to master. Automatic charging: insufficient power, 30 minutes in advance, actively looking for charger to charge.

To prevent falling: it has the function of preventing dropping induction, cleaning desktop, ladder surface and high place, and without worry. Fuselage design: fireproof material ABS, remove safety hidden danger, paint baking craft, super taste quality. To prevent obstacles: it has the function of preventing obstacles. If there is no way to travel, it can take the initiative to quit. Sterilization and fragrance: clean and add fragrance and sterilization. The original cleaning can be so fresh, low noise and energy saving: the noise of the operation is reduced to 50 decibels, and only 1 degrees of electricity are charged for 5 times. Memory function: "^ dry wet vacuum cleaner" "^ what is dry wet vacuum cleaner" "^ dry vacuum vacuum cleaner" after charging is completed, it can automatically restore cleanliness.

Downtime protection: when stuck in a stagnant condition, the power will be automatically cut off after 10 seconds to maintain safety.

Matters needing attention

1, I have a large belly, but to drink less water: in addition to 250ml clean water as a filter medium, I can also absorb 300ml liquid, completely to meet the needs of the general household cleaning. But still remind my relatives, do not let me drink too much water, or the liquid will spill out, although it will not damage the machine, but the impact of the cleaning task must be paid attention to.

2, red and yellow marked, pull the line please note: in order to pro protect the machine, the dellma vacuum cleaner made two red and yellow markings on the power line. Pull to the yellow mark, remind you to slow down the line speed! A red label indicates that you should stop pulling the wire. Otherwise, excessive force may damage the automatic shrinking device of the vacuum cleaner.

3, the power can be adjusted, small gear saves money: when doing ordinary housework cleaning, it only needs to open the vacuum cleaner to a second gear to clean the task. More relaxed, quieter, and more expensive.

4, maintenance has secret, hose to clean: every time after the cleaning, the parents should remember to clean the hose (dismantling one of the hose to the faucet, direct flushing can be ~) because all the vacuum cleaner, there will be more or less residue in the hose, so the hose must be cleaned regularly. The bacteria that we see are not terrible. The invisible bacteria are terrible.


How to clean

First, the appearance of the clean. In fact, it is easy to clean the appearance, usually only need a soft cloth dipped in soapy water wipe, but can not be cleaned with organic solvents, so as to avoid the appearance of plastic cracking, fading or paint, and of course, can not use steel balls and other hard materials to clean, so as to avoid damage to the body.

Second, clean the water tank. Just remove the water tank and clean it with water.

Finally, clean the filter. If it is a paper filter, use a soft brush to clean it. Be careful to remove the dust. Do not force it too hard to prevent the filter paper from breaking.

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