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- May 16, 2018 -


Water filter vacuum cleaner is a kind of vacuum cleaner which uses water as filter medium, humid, dissolves and precipitates dust absorbed by vacuum cleaner. Corresponding to the water filter vacuum cleaner is the ordinary dry suction vacuum cleaner.


Product Name: water filter vacuum cleaner

Product Classification: Tank/Drum type vacuum cleaner and household vacuum cleaner

Product Advantage: Can be used to absorb wet waste

Product Principle: To avoid the spillover of fine dust during dust absorption


I, Product Classification

1Tank/Drum type vacuum cleaner——Wet and Dry two function

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2Professional water filter vacuum cleaner—— Household vacuum cleaner


II, Product Advantage

The advantage of water filter technology in vacuum cleaner has been fully recognized in the current market. Because the water medium is used as the filtering medium, the vacuum cleaner can absorb the wet garbage.


1, To deal with all kinds of waste water filter technology, the vacuum cleaner has already appeared the vacuum cleaner such as paste objects, liquid objects such as water and beverage, water and drinks and other liquid objects, broken eggs and other sharp objects, such as adhesive objects, broken glass nails and so on. Compared with other filtering technologies, it can cope with more household waste, and is a new vacuum cleaner technology for consumers.

2. Dust free dust spillovers will overflow with the high speed filter channel when it operates, and the dust will also be careful to prevent the dust from flying. The advantage of water filter vacuum cleaner is that it can wet fine dust and garbage with water, fully dissolve and lock the dust. Not only the dust will not pollute the air two times when the dust is dusty, it will affect the health of the family's respiratory tract, and the dust will not rise when the dust is poured. It is only necessary to pour the wet garbage and clean the water tank.

3. Filtering more thoroughly water filtration is the most efficient and powerful filtering method at present. Combined with medical grade HEPA and other effective filter materials, it is the perfect purification and filtering system.



III, Product Principle

Water filter vacuum cleaner uses water as a filter medium, and most of the microbes, such as dust, garbage and bacteria, are dissolved and locked in water when they are inhaled through a water tank by a powerful suction. Through water to wet the dust to avoid dust spills when vacuuming; through water purification inhalation of gas, dissolving allergen, bacteria and other microorganisms. Then, through HEPA, efficient filtration cotton and other further filtration, through these three purification systems to ensure that the water filtration is perfect and efficient. Water filtration technology was first developed for allergy people, and the water was dissolved by water to lock the dust, particles and allergies, pollen, dust mites, microbacteria and so on, so as to avoid the allergy in the process of unclean air.

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