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Vacuum cleaner & wet dry vacuums & all household vacuum cleaner inspection/Test Standard
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Vacuum cleaner & wet dry vacuums & all household vacuum cleaner inspection/Test Standard

1 general conditions for testing

1.1 environmental conditions

Unless otherwise specified, tests shall be carried out under the following conditions:

The temperature of A. is 20 + 5 C.

B. relative humidity 60%~70%;

C. air pressure 86~106kpa;

1.2 test power supply

The supply voltage fluctuation should not exceed 1% of the rated voltage, and the AC power frequency is 50 + 0.5Hz. The DC vacuum cleaner can only be tested under DC voltage.

1.3 electrical instruments for testing

The accuracy of the electrical measuring instruments used for type test should be no less than 0.5 grade, and the level 1 can be used in the factory test.

2 appearance

Check with visual test and test.

Salt spray test of 

3 electroplating parts

According to GB2423.17 procedures and test conditions, the test time is 24h. Before the test, the surface of the plating parts should be cleaned with oil. After the test, remove the sample and wipe the salt remaining on the surface with the cloth covered with clear water to check the appearance of the electroplated surface.

4 the wet heat test of the vacuum paint parts is carried out according to the procedures and test conditions prescribed by GB2423.3, and the test time is 4D. Before the test, the surface of the paint should be cleaned and cleaned.

5 life test

Adjust the control valve to make the air volume half of its maximum value. When the air is running, the vacuum cleaner runs intermittently, running 14.5min every cycle and stopping 30s. The dust collector is updated or cleaned after about 100h. The test was carried out for 500 hours.

6 the length of the power cord, the cross section area, etc.

The effective length of the power cord is determined by tape measure, accurate to 0.05m, and cross sectional area measured with caliper.

7 switch life test

Operate at 10 times per minute at rated voltage and rated frequency. Each operation takes a turn off position as a cycle.

8 the noise test of vacuum cleaner is carried out according to the procedures and test conditions prescribed by GB4214.

9 measurement of vacuum degree

Connect the vacuum cleaner and the low vacuum pressure gauge. After starting 20s, the vacuum value H is read from the digital low vacuum manometer, the unit is Kpa.

10 input power test

The vacuum cleaner is supplied at rated voltage. After continuous 20s operation, the input power Pm is adjusted. If it is necessary to adjust the intake after 3 min.

Pm according to the next calculation

Pm = 0.5 (Pf+Pi)

Type: Pf - the input power measured by vacuum cleaner continuously after working at 3min when the suction port is open.

Pi - in the case of suction closure, the input power measured by the vacuum cleaner continuously working at 20s.

11 vacuum cleaner runs 48h at 1.1 times the rated voltage under normal operating state, and then runs 48h at 0.9 times the rated voltage. The operation can be carried out continuously or in several cycles, but each cycle is not less than 8h.

12 start with the rated voltage of 85%, start the vacuum cleaner running 20s, stop, start after interval 30s, repeat the test three times.

13 electrical strength test

The pressure testing instrument is used to test the AC voltage 3750V, 50Hz/1min, between the L or N applied to the metal shell and the plug of the power line, and no breakdown or flashover.

14 leakage current test

A leakage current tester is used to test the leakage current of the vacuum cleaner not exceeding 0.25mA.

15 sign

Inspect and clean the 15s with the cloth of water stained with hands. Wipe the 15s with the cloth coated with gasoline. The logo should still be legible and easy to read, not easy to uncover and not curl.

16 drop test

The most vulnerable 1 corners of the packing box with the vacuum cleaner and the three edges and sides adjacent to the corner and the front, back, left, right, upper and lower 6 surfaces fall freely from one height to another. After the test, the vacuum cleaner must not be damaged obviously, and it should still operate normally.

The drop height is selected according to the weight of the boxing product.

Weight (Kg) height (CM) weight (Kg) height (CM)

9.1 below 76.2 18.2-27.3 45.7

9.1-18.2 6127.3 above 30.5

17 winding life test

For a vacuum cleaner with a winding, all the power line is pulled out of the winding disk by hand (pulling it to the yellow mark), and loosing the hand, the coil will immediately lock itself, press the line button, and the power line can all go back to the winding disk. So do it 5 times.

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