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Vacuum cleaner for carpet needs attention
- Apr 18, 2018 -

I've always thought that people who have carpets in their homes are super clean people. Why? Because carpet is easy dirty, must often absorb dust to do. Anyway, I have no carpet in my house, no. Want to laugh, discover dirty I can't wash, so put away. My good friend of the carpet, the vacuum cleaner will not absorb the carpet, I think the problem should be separated.

First of all, to determine how is the quality of your carpet, if the quality of carpet is not good, maomao flying everywhere, as soon as you pull out hair, then I believe that you will suck the carpet, vacuum cleaner before long. Your carpet becomes a bare carpet. Is a hairless carpet still called a rug? Well, no. So, if you want to keep your carpet, be sure to buy better quality.

Second, the vacuum cleaner would the carpet up problems, but also consider the area of carpet and vacuum cleaner power, if the vacuum cleaner power particularly big, your carpet is a small piece, just like our toilet to go out of the foot, well it must be inhaled to vacuum cleaner, ha ha ha ha, suck the dust.

But, these are generally not good appearance, just buy a carpet, with cleaner was really troublesome, my suggestion is that if you are more lazy a person, or no one at home specializes in clean what of, I don't suggest you buy the carpet! After all it is stained with dust, and all sorts of bacteria, especially people with children in the home, carpet dirty words are easy to cause respiratory problems, cause baby cough ah of what, thoroughly clean the carpet also trouble ~ just don't want to ~, above, are for reference only.

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