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Vacuum cleaner accessories
- May 23, 2018 -

Vacuum cleaner accessories:

Of course, the smaller the accessory, the more full the better. Usually there are flat suction (sucking corners or small areas), sofa suction (curtain brush, as the name suggests), wind brush (that is, vibration brush, see the rolling brush chapter) , Ordinary floor brush (brushed floor), Hair brush (random brushing), Small brush (rarely used for cleaning HEPA), Straps (Most portable cum, a few vertical and even horizontal type will also be attached, But it's really not recommended that you pick up such a big guy and it doesn't matter if the strap buckle breaks - it's not without complaints, the hot air from the light outlet will make you feel depressed, and the spare bag (HEPA), Spare belts (this is also relatively rare, when the manufacturer knows that the life of the brush belt is not too long, it may take the initiative to prepare one), etc.

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