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Upright vacuum cleaner
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Upright vacuum cleaner


The upright vacuum cleaner is a kind of dust removal tool. The upright vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of three parts, which are dust, dust and filter dust, which generally include the series excited commutator motor, the centrifugal fan, the dust filter (bag) and the dust attachment accessories.

brief introduction


The power of the general upright vacuum cleaner is 400-1000W or higher.

The upright vacuum cleaner can dedusting mainly because its head is equipped with an electric fan. There is a wind impeller on the rotating shaft of the fan. After electricity, the chance of the air pumping is very strong suction and pressure by the speed of 500 cycles per second. Under the action of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at a high speed, and the air in the front end of the fan is constantly supplemented by the air in the fan, causing the internal vacuum in the vacuum cleaner and the outside world. The air pressure forms the negative pressure brush, the long nozzle, the elbow, the hose, the hose joint into the filter bag, the dust and other sundries remain in the filter bag, and the air is discharged by the tail of the body after the filter is cleaned. The vacuum cleaner can complete different cleaning work with different parts. For example, the ground brush can clean the ground, and the flat brush can clean the sofa surface, the bed sheet, the curtain and so on. With the small suction nozzle, it can clear the dust in the small corner and the dirt in some household appliances.

The application field of upright vacuum cleaner is carpet, car cleaning, electrical appliances, household and so on.

Selection and purchase of vacuum cleaner



1. take the suction first. After power on, you can use your palms in the front section to feel the strength of the suction.

For housework, vacuum cleaner is more suitable for 400~600 W. This kind of vacuum cleaner is enough to remove dust from family carpets.

2. listen to the sound. When the vacuum cleaner is energized, only the sound of the wind should be provided. The smaller the sound of the whole machine, the better it should not be mixed with other murmurs.

Selection and purchase of vacuum cleaner

1. look at the money. According to the amount of funds to choose whether to buy imported or domestic.

2. test weight. The selection of portable vacuum cleaners must be done with the weight of their own hands to consider whether they are suitable for themselves.

Purchase and purchase of micro vacuum cleaner

See the size of the inlet, some products are equipped with different joints. In addition, depends on the effect, you can use the prototype of the company to test the dust absorption effect.

Vacuum cleaner shopping tips should also pay attention to the details of sales, now many electrical appliances in the after-sales aspect, there are some unexpected problems, especially pay attention to.

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