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The working principle and classification of vacuum cleaner, such as wet and dry vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, etc
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The working principle and classification of vacuum cleaner, such as wet and dry vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, etc

How the vacuum cleaner works?


The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the vacuum cleaner motor rotates at a high speed, and the air is sucked from the suction port to generate a certain vacuum. The dust passes through the ground brush, the nozzle, the handle, the hose, and the main suction pipe to enter the dust filter bag in the dust box, and the dust is left in the dust. In the dust filter bag, the filtered air enters the motor through a layer of filter. This filter is a protective barrier that prevents the dust bag from damaging the dust and sucks into the motor. The air entering the motor flows out through the motor, due to the continuous carbon brush in the motor running. Wear, so add a filter before flowing out of the vacuum cleaner.


The finer the filter material, the cleaner the air, but the worse the air permeability, which affects the air volume drawn by the motor and reduces the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. However, for the user, comfort and cleanness are the main ones, so in recent years, a filter called "Hapa" has been popular.


Haipa is a foreign name. It is a high-efficiency filter that blocks very little dust and has an efficiency of 99.97%. It has a low air permeability and is therefore undulated to increase the air permeability. Some of this filter material can also be washed repeatedly. Any filter material has a "life", that is, the micropores of the filter material have been blocked by small particles of dust after long-term use. Therefore, paper dust bags are ideal, disposable, safe and convenient. After the cloth dust filter bag is cleaned, the fiber will be knotted, which affects the filtering effect and the ventilation effect. The SMS three-layer composite filter material is washable but has a slightly lower air permeability.


Having said the working principle of the vacuum cleaner, the following is a description of the classification of the vacuum cleaner, which is convenient for everyone to refer to when purchasing.


Vacuum cleaner classification




1. Dust bag filter type: The dust bag type is filtered by a dust bag and a filter material such as HEPA, and the dust bag should be replaced frequently.


2. Dust cup filter type: The dust cup relies on the cyclone air channel and HEPA filter material to filter, one button to dust, easy to clean;


3. Water filtration type: Water filtration absorbs various wastes such as liquid, paste, broken eggs, broken glass, etc. through a solid water tank, filters, dissolves, locks garbage and fine particles through water, and cleans the water tank after use.



The types of vacuum cleaners that are more common in the Asian and European markets account for more than 80% of the overall market. It is characterized by its small size and convenient storage. Horizontal vacuum cleaners are also divided into "dust box vacuum cleaners" and "dust bag vacuum cleaners"



American market is more common, suitable for large area carpet cleaning



It is compact and easy to carry and use. It is mainly used for cleaning inside the car, and it also has good effects on keyboards and electrical appliances. The disadvantage is that the power is small and the suction is not strong enough.




Commercial vacuum cleaners, mostly used by cleaning companies, hotels, and office buildings, are characterized by large capacity and water absorption.


Rod type


In recent years, it has gradually increased, mostly for charging type, which is characterized by compact size and convenient use.


       The above is the working principle and classification of the vacuum cleaner introduced by Xiaobian. After the introduction of these two aspects, do you have more understanding of the vacuum cleaner, and hope to help everyone in the future when purchasing the vacuum cleaner.

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