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The use and working principle of vacuum cleaner
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Commercial vacuum cleaners is dry wet amphibious vacuum cleaner, more for turbine, water absorption, can work long hours, convenient and practical, the voltage is 220 v more, more for the office, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Vacuum cleaners are often used to remove dust, but they can also perform many other functions.

1. Use when collecting items. When seasonal change, collect bedding and other items because occupy storage space is big, the storage is not easy to be moth-eaten. If you put them in a custom-made plastic bag, you can vacuum the air out of the bag and tighten it, not only saving the storage space, but also not getting damp and musty.

Find small items. Life at home inevitably falls into small items such as buttons, pills, caps, stitches, and so on. Before use, can will first vacuum suction mouth with a thin layer of gauze, and choose the appropriate wind according to goods size, then wired up through a straw mouth sliding around in the fall, drop items will soon be adsorbed on the gauze.

3. Cleaning electric appliances. Vacuum cleaners can also be used for daily maintenance of electrical appliances such as TV sets, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other electrical appliances to remove dust from inside and outside the appliance. Dust, should be to electric power plug pulled out, according to the instruction manual open the electrical appliances shell off, selects the appropriate shape of straw into electrical internal will remove ash method, and then use hair dryer away moisture, and then the outer pack good restorable.

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