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The use and working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Industrial vacuum cleaner, also known as vacuum cleaner; Vacuum cleaning principle is using suction effect, from the floor, carpet, wall, furniture and other difficult to use a broom to remove dirt suck up dust and dirt from the dry surface, such as line, confetti, hair, etc. Its main components are vacuum pump, filter bag (or filter), hose, extension tube and various shape of different nozzle. Modern vacuum cleaner variety in the attachment, designed for cleared carpet dirt out of the coarse hair brush, lint brush, rotating brush, clean up the corner with the sector nozzle, clean up the board with polishing brush, etc.

The function can be divided into ordinary dry vacuum cleaner and dry and wet vacuum cleaner.

Ordinary dry vacuum cleaner with an electric extractor fan, high-speed operation after the power supply, make vacuum forming inside the vacuum moment, make the internal air pressure is much lower than the outside world, in this under the action of pressure difference, dust and dirt with airflow into the vacuum barrel body, and then after dust bag filter, the dirt in the dust bag, after purification, the air is through the motor to escape into the room, have the effect of cooling motor, purify air.

The working principle of the wet and dry cleaner is different from the ordinary vacuum cleaner. When the dust, air and water are sucked out of the ventricles, the heavier water is whirled by the high speed, and then flows to the chamber wall and flows into the following bucket. The lighter dust and air pass out of the ventricle and into the filter bag to filter the dust.

It can be divided into industrial vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner and household vacuum cleaner.

Industrial vacuum cleaner is the equipment used for industrial use to collect the waste media particles, dust fume, oil and water, etc., which are produced in the process of production, operation and transportation. Industrial vacuum cleaners use ac power, power is larger, general component is portable and stationary, its working principle is to use an electric motor driven high pressure extension (or use all-in-one) to produce negative pressure in the finite volume, resulting in a suction, medium content after inhaling, or through the filter bag filter barrels to the secondary filter, ordinary only can absorb moisture content of dry type medium, dry wet amphibious model can absorb the processing process of oil, water, etc. After installing the exhaust pipe, it can be used to absorb the smoke and gas produced during the production operation. The most obvious application of vacuum cleaner in industry is the application in clean room.

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