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The roller brush structure
- May 23, 2018 -

The roller brush structure (the so-called vibrant brush head, negative ions probably refers to this): the main function of the rolling brush is to clean the carpet and wool textile objects.

Use a stiff nylon wool brush to damage the floor. (with a lifting plate can roll brush stand to avoid damage to the floor, if it is a soft roller brush, clean the floor should also be good).

Rolling brush is divided into two kinds: electric and pneumatic, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The noise of the wind-driven rolling brush is greater than that of the electric rolling brush.

Inhalation of foreign matter by pneumatic brush may cause damage or seizure of the wind wheel. (the wind rolling brush is usually inhaled by foreign body, the experiment is to draw a pile of screws of different sizes, but it is sure to be damaged, and the suction belt may bind the wind wheel).

If a powerful electric brush is subjected to too much pressure or resistance, the rolling brush will stop. The clutch scheme is being studied, but it seems that it has not been successful. The electric brush of rechargeable or small power vacuum cleaner has no such problem, but it is easy to stop when encountering resistance. There is also an electric brush with overload protection, that is, when the resistance is too high, the indicator light will light up and cut off the brush current.

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